Get Kahani Mate!  A state of the art digital library for children featuring vibrantly illustrated urdu stories and poetry books for

ages 4 to 10. Our stories are written by early year education experts and notable authors making them fun to read for your child as they build a strong vocabulary and cultivate good reading habits.​

APP available for Andriod and iPhone mobile and tablets


The vibrantly illustrated ‘Nazmein’ or Rhymes features our cast of memorable characters as they teach us lessons about life in verse!Every poem describes values and feelings talked about in the stories, presented in a way that we can all remember and sing along to!


‘Bono kiDunya’ features vibrant stories about a group of playful dwarves and their adventures with nature. The dwarves lead the way as we explorewildlife injungles, parks and gardens, meet new animals, studyunique vegetation and learn about the different types of weather. Learning about the sights and sounds of nature has never been as fun, so get ready to travel to the real ‘Bono kiDuniya’.


Daaniis an adorable little girl wholoves meeting new people and learning about them. Being a curious girl, she asks lots of questions and wants to know what it’s like to be a dentist, a gardener, a shopkeeper, or even a 

grandmother! To Daani, every person’s story is important, and we love guessing what she’ll choose to be when she grows up!

‘Chacha Dino’, or Uncle Dino, is a friendly, old fashioned dinosaur trying to catch up with modern times. In his stories we learn how to enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, the joy of new ways of travel and communication, and how technology can be used to solve everyday problems. Chacha Dino also helps us remember the importance of relationships and values, with a blend of past and present that will warm your heart.


‘Toto’ is a good natured visitor from another planet in our solar system. As he tries to understand how things work here on Earth, he learns good manners and important values while making friends with both humans and animals. His friends teach him to care about others feelings, and the many little things people care about like being helpful,sharing, saying thank you, and keeping your home clean.


We already have 35+ books ready to read with more added every month!

Our printed books are already being used in classrooms as supplementary reading material in

For each subscriber we will donate one printed book for free every month to an underprivileged child in Pakistan!

Kahani mate, powered by our proprietary Storymate platform delivers an unparalleled digital reading experience with stunning artwork, lively animations, captivating music and top notch narration. It also features powerful vocabulary building tools, a multi lingual dictionary and an achivements system that rewards good reading habits. Learn more about our excellent features

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APP available for Andriod and iPhone mobile and tablets

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